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The Archives

If you missed it the first time around or if you're just being nostalgic, here's the event & picture archive.    

THE KEY:  If there's a photo album of the event on the website, you'll see the(photo album) symbol.  If there's a Kodak Gallery link (where you actually can order pix), you'll see the  Kodak symbol.  Just
click on either of the symbols to view the pix.   

2009 Events 

Shan's 21st bday Jun 2009

2008 Events

Stan's Surprise 60th Dec 2008

Camp Tenny Family Vacay Jul 2008

Easter at the Newtons Mar 2008  

Elena's Sweet 6th Mar 2008

Josh's Sweet 16th Mar 2008

Ashlee's Bridal Shower Feb 2008

Lindsay's Baby Shower Feb 2008

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